🌳🐼 Deforestation🐼🌳

What is  deforestation?

Deforestation is the clearing, or cutting down, of forests. Tree’s and other nature are cut down so their wood can be burned or used to make things, such as buildings, furniture, or paper. Large areas of trees are removed so that the land can be used to grow crops. However all this deforestation is leaving thousands of animals without homes.


Here is a video of deforestation


Deforestation video

Indonesia now country with world's highest deforestation rate ...


My experience visiting other people’s blogs!🤓🐳

Who did I visit?

I visited three people —-> Riddhi from UAE, Billy from New Zealand and Julia from Malaysia.

Did it inspire me? 

Going to other people’s blogs inspired me because I saw how much effort they put in and how creative they’re posts were. 

Did you see any cool designs or posts and what were they?

I did see a quite a few cool posts and designs some cool posts being pet updates and how to look after them and some being favourite childhood memories. Some cool designs I saw were having different coloured swirls on the home page.

Were you surprised by anything and WMYST?

I was surprised with how many ideas people have for blogs and how skilled everybody is. 

Include the links to any blogs you think are worthy of others visiting and why you chose them.  

I think that everybody is really good at blogging so here is Riddhi’s blog —->https://riddhi4k.edublogs.org/  Billy https://billypowell20.edublogs.org/  Julia https://jcheang25iskl.blogspot.com/



About me post🍭🦊🐒🐰🐥

Hi, my name is Ella. I live in Adelaide, Australia. 

This is my bunny, bunny

I’m in Year 6 and I’m 11 years old.

I love sport, i do dance, netball and sort of Athletics.

I also love animals i have a bunny called bunny and a cat called max. 

This is my cat, Max

My blog is about the blogging challenges my school gives me and my personal interests.  


Tables & Widgets🤓🤯

Geometry rush! Fun, Awesome, Educational Game!
I’ve made a table but if you haven’t follow these steps to success! 
  1. go to plugins in your dashboard.
  2. search up tables.
  3. select easy table.
  4. now when you go to create a new post it’ll be in visual bar!

Country of focus : Cambodia🤩🥳

Country of focus : Cambodia
  1. Cambodia’s flag – 
  2. Cambodia is in Asia
  3. Cambodia’s  capital city is Phnom Penh.
  4. Cambodia is in the Northern hemisphere.
  5.  Cambodia’s population is 16.01 million.
  6. Cambodia’s national language is Khmer.
  7. Cambodia’s currency is Cambodian riel
  8. A connection Australia has with Cambodia is that about 33,000  Cambodian’s live in Australia.
  9. A interesting fact about Cambodia is that 70% of adults can read.
  10. Cambodia’s neighbouring countries are Laos, North  Vietnam, East  Thailand, North and West.

Commenting on other people’s blog posts 😀

Blog Comments Thumbs up or thumbs down? Rated from least helpful to most helpful.

  1. least helpful : “Dear Shanny, My sister is so annoying lol Shes going to grannys over easter yay yay lol gr8”. I think this is the least helpful comment because it has nothing to do with the blog itself their just using the blog to talk to each other and their being mean so it’s even worse.  
  2. “I got a new dog last night his name is toby and hes sooooo cute. I cant wait to bring hi to scholl s I can show him to everywon From sally ” 
  3. “Hi Ms D grate to c u r posting sum cool and gr8 stuff on our blog. Blogging is cool!!!!! Lol Cu tomorrow From penny”.
  4. “I love your story, its really good”.
  5. “Dear Paul, I don’t understand why you think Jeremy Clarkson should be fired from BBC’s Top Gear. Surely he brings so much pleasure and money to the station that he can be forgiven for his behavior? I would love to know what others think? From Dianne”.
  6. “Dear Elliot I found your book review so fascinating that I am going to borrow The Giver tomorrow. It reminds me of a book I read last year called Checking Out, by David Went. I will let you know when I have finished. Has anyone else read The Giver? From Hannah”.
  7. “Dear Mrs Davis, I enjoyed watching the video about Earth Watch Day. I am going to talk to as many people in my street as I can, and ask them to participate this year. Who else is planning on turning off their power this Saturday night? I wonder if the street lights will stay on? From Terry”.
  8. “Dear Tania, Your post made me think about the different ways we could get involved with blogging at our school. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I particularly like the ones of the young students blogging with their buddies in America. I think linking with you to do a collaborative project would be a good way to start. From Tom”.

I believe this is the most helpful comment because he is saying what her post made him think about, what he liked about it – he was specific, and he had and idea!  By Ella Smart  

200 Word Writing Challenge

                                                                                                                The Lonely dinosaur

A long time ago a lonely brachiosaurus named teddy  lived in the deep jungle of north America. Teddy had been alone for a long time because he had a big secret. 5 years ago teddy had been bribed by the ambassador for the people to bomb out the other brachiosaurus‘s. Teddy was iffy about it at first but then the ambassador said he could have as much food as he wants therefore he did it.

Teddy felt so bad about what he did. To understand why he did what he did you need to know that teddy mum, Allegra never feed him good food they were poor as a result of that he was a skinny chap. So he just couldn’t help himself. To make matters worse, he didn’t even get his food he had been tricked.

Now he was alone in the jungle alone and weak. It had been 2 or so weeks since he had water and he had finally found some more. After a while of sitting by the stream and drinking, he heard rustling from a bush near by and out popped a human a real human. Teddy wasn’t the only one shocked the man was shocked to. He managed to muster up ‘ but but you’re a dinosaur, captain Hernandez killed them all years ago’ but teddy said ‘ no it was me’ as a tear rolled down his cheek ‘ ‘well then you’re king!’ The strange man went.

On that some day a year later, February 15th Teddy was king and the brachiosaurus‘s were back living peacefully with humans!

The end.      By Ella Smart